CBankston makes business better.

CBankston provides confidential consulting to business owners wanting to build value, prepare for exit, and sell their business. Our process justifies pricing, prepares for due diligence, and accounts for underwriting.

Our goal is to sell your business for as much as possible. If we cannot sell it today for $1, we want to sell it tomorrow for two.

What We Do

Confidential Business Brokerage & Exit Planning

We confidentially market business, identify and negotiate with buyers, and assist with due diligence, underwriting and completing the transaction. When the timing for selling the business is not immediate, we provide guidance for when and how to bring the business to market.

Preliminary Loan Preparation

We identify and collect the documents expected to be necessary for a buyer (or owner) to secure financing. By preparing documents prior to working with buyers, we save time and avoid surprises that could cause a buyer to walk away from the transaction.

Valuation Consulting

We provide guidance on how your business will be valued by buyers and the steps we can take to increase its value. This includes pricing strategy and transaction design.

Cash Flow Consulting

We help owners understand the financial performance of their business and work to identify ways to achieve owner objectives.

Business Planning & Documentation

We help owners prepare the documentation required to manage and grow their business. These may include Business Plans, Sales & Marketing Plans, Policies & Procedures, Organization Charts, and Job Descriptions.

Growth by Acquisition

We provide buyers with confidential buy-side business brokerage. This includes identifying target acquisitions, communicating and negotiating with sellers, and working to complete the acquisition.

What is the goal? To sell your business for as much as possible!

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