Carson Bankston

Carson came to Baton Rouge to get a Finance degree from Louisiana State University (LSU), and never left. He's been fortunate enough to serve the Greater Baton Rouge community for over 20 years and to also get a Masters of Science in Information Systems and Decision Sciences (ISDS) with a Minor in Internal Auditing.

Carson grew up in real estate and his first job was working eight years in residential and commercial appraisal. From there, he worked nine years as a system and network administrator of a 600 computer network. And, now, since 2008 he has specialized in helping people buy and sell businesses.

James W. Beam, AU

As an Associate Underwriter of Property and Casualty Insurance for over four decades, there is hardly a business concept or scenario where Jim isn't experienced. He's provided consulting to business owners throughout Louisiana in the fields of light-industrial, manufacturing, commercial, agricultural, construction, and healthcare. His ability to provide risk assessment for your business is second to none. And, for this reason, he is a sought after resource by countless professionals.

Jim grew up in North Louisiana but has lived throughout the state, including Baton Rouge and New Orleans. He served our country in the United States Air Force and later in the Army. As proud as Jim was to serve our country, we are just as proud to have him as a part of our team.

"Brokering the sale of businesses since 2008 caused me to identify a tremendous problem for business owners: the absence of comprehensive exit planning that addresses pricing, marketing, due diligence, funding and the amount of time needed to not only sell the business but to also prepare the business for sale. CBankston fills that void. CBankston makes business better!"

- Carson C. Bankston

If you're concerned about the value of your business and/or how to make it better, give us a call. We'll provide you with a straight-forward environment for evaluating your business and addressing due diligence and underwriting concerns before they ever arise.

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