As Independent Commercial Loan Brokers, CBankston works for you not the bank.

Our goal is to see you win!

Working with business owners daily, we saw that there was a tremendous need for capital and a long-term capital strategy. Because most of these payments don't show up on the Income Statement, this is often overlooked by the inexperienced. Owners, however, are quite experienced. They're experienced in running a business that profitable on paper but puts much less money in their pockets after mortgages payments are made.

Through our network of lenders we'll be able to present your project to multiple lenders with the objective of finding someone to fund your project and then secondly, to find the terms that satisfy you most. Lastly, because we work through our network instead of a single lender, your options aren't limited to what a single lender offers.

Our solutions include funding for:

  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Inventory and Equipment
  • Business Acquisitions
  • Working Capital
  • Leasing of Equipment (oftentimes with a 100% LTV and a "$1.00 buy-out" at the end of the term)
  • Factoring of Receivables
  • Purchase Order Financing

Lastly, CBankston is able to craft custom, "private-label" lending solutions giving our clients the ability to seamlessly offer financing to their clients through a third-party. In other words, our clients get paid and their clients get financing.